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Amalfi et sa côte (Amalfi and its coast)

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

J’ai visité la Côte Amalfitaine la semaine dernière avec ma soeur et mon frére. On est resté en Amalfi et on est allé aux villes Ravello, Positano et Pompeii. Tous sont très jolies mais aussi très touristiques. À part Pompeii (on a pas eu assez de temps le voir comme on voudrait), j’ai aimé Amalfi et Ravello. Mais pas les rues principales qui sont très encombrées avec les touristes comme nous. J’ai aimé explorer les petites rues qui n’étaient pas encombrées. Voici Amalfi.

Last week I visited the Amalfi coast with my siblings, Carol and Thad. We stayed in Amalfi and from there visited Ravello, Positano and Pompeii. All are quite beautiful (particularly when viewed from the sea) but also filled with tourists. Aside from Pompeii (we didn’t have allow enough time to see it as we would have liked…..we had 2 hours and you need at least a whole day!), I liked Amalfi and Ravello. But not the main streets which were of course crammed with tourists like us. What I liked was exploring the side streets where we found small piazzas and restaurants more frequented by locals than tourists. So Amalfi.....

View from our apartment

Restaurant kitchen

Donna Stella Pizzeria, Salita Rascica n.2 the main street, quiet and good food

Lemons and oranges at Donna Stellla

Thad and me under the lemon arbor at Donna Stella

Eclectic Cathedral of St. Andrew...beautiful 19th century mosaics portray the triumph of Christ

Small Saturday market not far from our apartment

First communicants

Bien sûr, la côte est vraiment spectaculaire et dramatique, avec les hautes falaises, les maisons colorées sur les falaises et la mer bleue brillante.

To be sure, the coast is truly spectacular and dramatic, with its towering cliffs, pastel houses clinging to the cliffs and brilliant blue sea.

Thad and Carol on ferry to Positano

Tiny town of Atrani, a short walk from Amalfi

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