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Le Confinement 3

Le confinement 3 a commencé le 3 avril 2021 et va durer jusqu'au 2 mai et peut-être plus long.  C'est moins dur qu'avant.  Malgré tout, c'est difficile pour tous les français qui sont "Covid-weary."  Comme avant, je publie une photo par jour du confinement.

Here we go again.....our third confinement!  This one started April 3, 2021 and is scheduled to end May 2, but of course, could be extended if the government deems it necessary.  The restrictions are less severe, although there is a 7pm curfew.  But there is no time limit on forays outside one's home and the distance one can go has been expanded from 1 kilometer to 10.  No attestation is required unless it's after curfew.  Restaurants, bars, nonessential stores, museums and all cultural venues remain closed.  So once again, I am at my house in Brittany and, once again, I'll post one photo for each day of confinement.

Double click on an image to open in a new window, then click on the arrows in the upper left corner of the screen to enlarge the image.

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