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Le Confinement 2 de Covid 19

Le deuxième confinement en France a commencé 30 octobre 2020.  La durée est jusqu'à 1 décembre et peut-être plus.  Comme avant, je vais passer le confinement chez moi (La Croix Rouge) en Bretagne.  Et comme avant, je vais publier un photo par jour du confinement.  

Once again, France finds itself in Covid lockdown.  Confinement 2 started October 30, 2020 and will last at least until December 1.  Once again, I am fortunate to be able to spend this time at my home in Brittany.  And once again, I will post one image for each day of confinement.  Unlike our first lockdown, the hiking trails and beaches are open.  Strictly speaking it's illegal for me to walk on the beach as the closest is more than 1 kilometer from my home (we're not allowed to go further than 1 km from our home for purposes of exercise).  However, until I get stopped, I'll chance the 135 euro fine, and take illicit walks on the beach. 

Double click on an image to open in a new window, then click on the arrows in the upper left corner of the screen to enlarge

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