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Le Confinement 1 de Covid-19

Le premier confinement a commencé le 17 mars, 2020.  J'ai la chance de le passer chez moi, La Croix Rouge, dans la commune de Gommenec'h, le region Côte d'Armor en Bretagne.  Je mets ici une photo par jour du confinement.

The first confinement in France started March 17th, 2020.  I am fortunate to be able to spend this difficult time at my house, La Croix Rouge, located in the town of Gommenec'h in the Côte d'Armor region of Brittany.  In France, confinement (what is called sheltering in place in the US) is mandatory and there are strict rules about where and how much time one can spend outside the confines of apartment or home.  Because I am in a very rural part of Brittany, I have more freedom of movement than most.  Still the coast and beaches are closed, but each day I walk for miles around the commune of Gommenec'h, always looking for the next interesting image.  In this gallery, I'm posting one photo for each day of confinement.

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