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Street Art de Paris (Paris street art)

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

One of the most photographed examples of street art in Paris, "Chuttt!" or "Shhhh!" is a stencil mural, painted by Jeff Aerosol.....I pass by it every day

Dans tous les quartiers de Paris, on trouve le “street art.” Pourquoi, on peux demander, est le street art si omniprésent à Paris ? Peut-être c’est car Paris était toujours une ville avec beaucoup d’artistes et la France est une pays avec la tradition de l’esprit révolutionniare. Donc pour les artistes qui veulent exprimer une idée politique ou sociale dans l’anonuymat, ils peuvent ainsi faite avec le street art. Bien sûr il y a beaucoup d’autre raisons. Mais pour moi, il me plaît de le voir tous les jours, notamment aux places où on ne pense pas le trouver.

Street art is everywhere in Paris. Why, you might ask, is street art so ubiquitous here? Perhaps one explanation is that Paris has always attracted artists to live and work here and France is a country where the revolutionary spirit is innate to the French soul. So for artists who wish to express a political opinion or social idea that is not necessarily in the mainstream and to do so with anonymity, street art is a natural medium. To be sure, much has been written about the history, ubiquity and meaning of street art in Paris, France and throughout the world. Here I just want to share some of the street art I’ve discovered on my flaneusing around Paris. Far from encyclopaedic, these are just a few examples of what I see every day and find particularly interesting.

On my street.....

Stencil and aerosol work in progress....

Wheatpaste poster.....popular form of street art I'd not seen before....


Don't know the artist, but I see these round-eyed people everywhere in my neighborhood....

TocToc is a young street artist who signs his work.....he has a website where you can buy his work and he's not shy about talking to the press!

Artist Joel Merino working on his aerosol is signed and dated 2017

And finally, who is John Hamon? I've been asking myself this question for months. Everywhere I see the same photo....

....including on the index figure of "Shhhhh!"

Referred to as "le visage inconnu le plus connu" or "the best known unknown face," John Hamon is apparently a performance artist who believes that promotion makes the artist. You can read more about him and his art (which includes projections of his face onto all the best-known monuments of Paris) here.

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