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1er mai (May 1st) ou fête du travail (Labor Day) ou fête du muguet (Lily of the Valley)

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Hier était le 1er mai…un jour férié énorme en France. C’est un jour des manifestations pour les travailleurs, d’offrir les muguets aux amis et famille, mais pour moi c’est un jour normal. Il faisait très beau l’après-midi, donc j’ai fait une promenade dans mon quartier et sur les quais de la Seine. Beaucoup des autres avait la même idée. Donc je veux partager avec vous ce que j’ai vu cette fête du travail.

Yesterday was the first of May….a HUGE holiday in France. It’s a day of demonstrations for workers (the yellow vests were out in force but I steered clear of them), and a day of giving lilies of the valley to friends and family (said to bring luck and prosperity in the coming year). But for me, it was just another day. It was a beautiful summer-like afternoon, so I went for a walk in my neighborhood and along the Seine. Lots of others had the same idea. Took lots of pictures and thought I’d share some of them with you….what I saw this Labor Day in Paris.

Lunching on the terrasse

....or having "une verre"....a drink

Lunch at Chez Julien, a lovely restaurant in the shadow of Eglise Staint-Gervais

le picque-nique

Not particularly a dog person, but couldn't resist this guy....

les mecs

Just to get a sense of the Sunday afternoon

Came upon a tango party/dance by the Quai Célestins. These were serious tango dancers and it was perhaps a club. There's a regular group that dances on the left back but this was the first time I'd seen tango on the right bank. Two couples in particular caught my eye.

Love this woman's smile....also that of the woman in green on right

How content is she??

Loved this guy...the hat and scarf

....and he could really dance!

Catch the lady in green on the left....she totally rocked it!

Caught this on my way home on rue Saint Antoine.....lucky kid who belongs to that yellow bike....

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