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Christo et O’Keeffe

Deux événements d’artistique que j’ai vu récemment m’ont profondément touché. D‘abord est l’empaquetage de l’Arc de Triomphe, un installation monumental conçu et dessine par l’artiste Christo et sa femme, Jean-Claude. Tout le monde à Paris en parle. Les réactions des gens de l’installation sont forts : on l’aime ou on le déteste. Moi, je l’aime. J’aime qu’un monument très connu par tout le monde est transformé pendant seulement un court moment. Ce transformation nous force à le regarder à nouveau. Pour moi, c’est la première fois que j’ai vraiment regardé l’Arc de Triomphe, ce loin et de près. Il me plaît beaucoup de partager avec vous mes vues de l’Arc de Triomphe empaqueté.

Two artistic events that I’ve seen recently touched me profoundly. First is the wrapping of the Arch de Triumph, a monumental installation conceived of and designed by the artist Christo and his wife, Jeanne-Claude. Delayed because of the Covid pandemic and despite Christo’s death last year, the project was finally completed on September 18th and remains on view until October 3rd. Everyone in Paris is talking about it, and people’s reactions are strong: they either love it or hate it. I love it! I love that a monument known throughout the world can be transformed for a fleeting period of time. I love that the transformation forces us to view such a famous monument anew. When we live with something, frequently walking past it or glimpsing it as we come out of the Metro, it becomes part of our everyday experience and no longer holds the same awe and wonder as when we first experienced it. Christo’s wrapping made me really look at the Arch of Triumph and SEE it…. from different distances and perspectives. Thank you Christo for opening my eyes.

View from an 8th floor balcony on Avenue Victor Hugo

View from Champs Élysées

Georgia O'Keeffe

L'autre événement est le rétrospective de l’artiste américaine Georgia O’Keeffe au Centre Pompidou. Longtemps j’admire O’Keeffe, son ouvre et sa vie. D’abord, j’ai pensé qu’il ne faut pas pour moi d’assister cet exposition parce que je connais si bien l’ouvre de O’Keeffe. Mais le Pompidou est près de chez moi, donc hier j’y suis allée. Et je suis ravie que j’ai le fait parce que l’exposition est extraordinaire ! Bien sûr, ses ouvres continuent à nous étonner, avec leur couleur, simplicité et audace. Mais pour moi, c’est le film d’un entretien avec O’Keeffe qui m’intéresse beaucoup. J’ai pu écouter sa voix et voir son ancien visage pour toujours…..franc, sage et beau les deux.

The other event is the retrospective of the iconic American artist, Georgia O’Keeffe, at the Pompidou Center. I have long been an admirer of O’Keeffe, her work and her life. In fact, I had thought that I didn’t need to see the exhibit since I know her work so well. But because the Pompidou is just down the street from my apartment, yesterday I went, and I’m so very glad I did! I was profoundly moved by the totality of her work and the extraordinary life she led. I was particularly fascinated by the documentary interview with the artist. Filmed in 1977 when O’Keeffe was almost 88, it is one of the most affecting interviews I’ve ever seen. I could have listened to her mellifluous voice and watched that beautiful, lined face forever. Such confidence, honesty, wisdom and strength….truly a woman before her time, but we all know that.



My favorite....Farmhouse Window and Door,

Interviewer: "It was nice of Stieglitz to let you go to New Mexico every summer."

O'Keeffe: " Well, listen, he didn't let me go. I just went."

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