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Je reviens!! (I'm back!!)

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Bonjour a tous et bienvenue a mon nouveau blog. J'ai habite a Paris il y a 6 mois et je n'ai écrit rien a mon blog. Je ne sais pas exactement pourquoi, mais cette semaine une amie m'a convaincu de commencer encore mon blog. Et elle a suggéré que je l'écris en français ainsi qu'en anglais pour voir mon progrès dans l'apprentissage du français. Aussi, je vais écrire de mon Paris et mes experiences ici.

Donc je commence avec l'hiver a Paris et la neige....

Greetings all and welcome to my new blog. I've been living in Paris for 6 months now and haven't written a single post. I don't know exactly why, but this week a friend convinced me to start writing again. She suggested I write in both French and English so that I can see the progression of my French language skills as well as record some of my experiences and, of course, share my photos with you.

So, as I am this minute flying across the Atlantic after a week in NY, CT and Minneapolis, with winter storm Quinn chasing me, I thought I'd write a bit about this winter in Paris.

When it snows, Parisians open their parapluies...umbrellas

My understanding is that it was an unusually cold, wet and snowy winter for Paris. The first snow was just a dusting in November, but as soon as the first flakes fell, all my Parisian FB friends posted pictures exclaiming "il neige a Paris!" (it's snowing in Paris!). Then, in February, we got the real thing....Paris in the snow is absolutely magical, so one day I put on my snow boots and went for a long walk along the Seine to the Louvre and Jardin des Tuileries to try and capture some of that magic.

Pont Neuf and the Conciergerie, formerly a prison but now primarily law courts.

Pont au Change linking the right bank to Ile de la Cite. You can see how swollen the Seine is....subject of my next post!

Shuttered book stalls along the Seine.

Place de la Concorde

Jardin des Tuileries with the top of Roue de Paris (ferris wheel) just barely visible.

In le Marais (my neighborhood), Eglise St. Merri, Stravinsky Fountain and street (or should I say wall) art "Sh-h-h-h!"

Motorcycles and bicycles were sidelined, lessening street noise considerably!

Finally, roof-top view from my living room! This lovely building directly across the street houses a small company that publishes leather-bound, guilt edged editions of French classics.

C'est tout! Le prochaine temps, je vais écrire de l'inondation de la Seine.

That's it! Next, I'll write about the flooding of the Seine.

To my French-speaking friends: indulge me please....there will be many mistakes as I'm trying not to use a translator!

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