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Updated: Feb 16, 2020

Fountain in front of Palacio Real

Mes BFFs (“best friends forever”) sont une groupe des femmes qui étaient les jeunes avocats dans un cabinet juridique au New York il y a plus de 30 ans. Personne reste avec ce cabinet et seulement 2 des femmes exercent toujours la profession d’avocat. Mais on est resté des amies. Elles me manquent beaucoup. Donc, quand Laurie, une de ces amies, m’a démandé si je voudrais elle rencontre à Madrid en novembre, j’ai dit « bien sûr ! » Laurie a un fils, Willy, qui étudie en Valencia cette semestre et elle a voyagé en Espagne de lui rende une visite. Donc Laurie et moi nous sommes rencontrées en Madrid le week-end avant le Thanksgiving. C’était chouette de voir une de mes BFF !

Franchement, Madrid n’est pas sur ma liste des lieux à visiter, mais c’est un grande capital de l’Europe avec les grands boulevards, les monuments, les restaurants, les musées, les parcs, et un quartier ancien qui est pour moi toujours le plus intéressant à explorer. Donc je partage avec vous mes impressions de Madrid.

My BFFs are a group of women with whom I practiced law more than 30 years ago at a small law firm in New York. Although two were made partner, none of us has worked at this firm for many years, and only one continues to practice law (at another firm) and one has recently abandoned retirement to work part-time as a consultant. Throughout the years we have remained good friends, gathering 4 or 5 times a year for dinner, sometimes to discuss a book but more often just to catch up and, since 2016, rant about the state of our poor country! Needless to say, I miss them terribly. So, when Laurie contacted me in September to say she would be in Spain in November and would I like to meet her in Madrid, my response was “of course!” Laurie’s son Willy, is currently studying in Valencia and Laurie was coming to Spain to visit him. So the weekend before Thanksgiving, Laurie and I met in Madrid. How wonderful to see one of my BFFs !

Honestly, Madrid is not on my list of “must see" places to visit, but it’s a grand European capital city with wide boulevards, monuments, museums, restaurants, parks and an old quarter, which for me is always one of the most interesting places to spend time. I therefore share with you my impressions of Madrid.

Palacio de day

Palacio de night....color changes....following night it was red as were other prominent buildings.....colors seemed to be coordinated

Cibeles Fountain, named after Cybele, a Phrygian goddess

Parc de el Retiro:

Alphonso XII Monument

Cecilio Rodriguez Garden

Cristal Palace

Real Basílica de san Francisco el Grande:

One of the largest domes in Europe (33m/108feet diameter)

Mercado de San Miguel:

Mozzarella pinchos

Old Town....La Latina:

Sex shop!

Corsets etc.

Love this cape!!


Laurie trying her first Spritz (cocktail of choice in Paris this summer)

Video shop sign

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