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La neige en Bretagne (Snow in Brittany)

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

Il y a deux jours, la température est tombée, le ciel est devenu gris, et il a commencé à neiger. Pour moi, une amèricaine de « midwest » et « New England, » ce n’est pas quelque chose inhabituelle. Mais pour les françaises et notement les bretons, c’était un événement extraordinaire. Tout le monde pense que la Bretagne est froide et pluvieuse. En fait, en hiver, le climat est vraiment doux. Bien sur, il pleut, mais la neige ? Non, c’est rare.

Two days ago, the temperature fell, the sky turned grey and it started to snow. For me, an American who grew up in the Midwest and lived for 35 years in New England, snow is no big deal. I’m accustomed to massive snow storms like the one blanketing the Midwest and East Coast right now. But for the French and Bretons in particular, snow is an unusual and extraordinary event. Most people think that Brittany is cold and rainy. In fact, in winter, the climate is actually quite mild. Of course it rains, but snow? No, that is a rarity.

La Croix Rouge yesterday

Donc, je voulais documenter cette neige inhabituelle en Bretagne. Pendant la tempête, j’ai pris des photos dans le confort de ma maison. Hier, il y avait du soleil, alors je me suis promenée longtemps autour de chez moi et j’ai pris beaucoup de photos.

So I wanted to document this unusual snow in Brittany. During the storm, I took a few photos from the comfort of my, for the most part, warm house. Yesterday, however, it was clear and sunny, so I took a long walk in the “neighborhood.” And this is what I saw.

Several shots of the same barn.....

Lost the sun.....

Thought I'd try it in black & white, since the color was so muted in the original photo

An old moulin (mill) just down the road from me:

This photo was not taken at the beach, but at a spot down the road from my house where several huge piles of scallop shells were dumped this fall. No idea for what purpose, but they certainly make lovely photos!

Truly a winter wonderland!!!

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Ann Smeltzer
Ann Smeltzer
Feb 12, 2021

Just exquisite idyllic photos. I love this series.

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