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Un dimanche presque normal (An almost-normal Sunday)

Au Palais-Royal....a wedding party celebrates

C'est le premier dimanche après étape 2 du déconfinement. Il fait très beau, et tout le monde était en dehors cette après-midi. Et tandis que je me baladais autour de mon quartier, j'étais ravie de voir la vie revient à Paris....

It's the first Sunday after stage 2 of "deconfinement" in France. It was a beautiful day, cool and sunny, and everyone seemed to be outside this afternoon. As I wandered around my neighborhood, I was heartened and thrilled to see life at last returning to Paris.

Lunch on the sidewalks of rue Tiquetonne (indoor dining still banned)

Even venerable le Grand Véfour moved outside

Gorgeous roses in the gardens of Palais-Royal

Reading by the fountain in Palais-Royal garden

Tango in place Colette

....and swing as well.....right next to the tango dancers

Jazz at centre Pompidou.....

Centre Pompidou

....and Beethoven at l'église Saint-Merri (first live concert for me since September)

It was an almost-normal Sunday and I was glad.


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Ann Smeltzer
Ann Smeltzer
May 23, 2021

Joy in Paris! You caught such joy in so many variations. I don't often think about exuberance with Paris. To me Italy is that. But these photos show a celebration of life renewed, a victory against a hidden enemy. Wonderful essay.

Kate Woodman
Kate Woodman
May 24, 2021
Replying to

Exactly the point Ann! You always "get" my and victory indeed!

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